Introducing "FUTU_RUSTIC"


CAST appreciates unique characters of nature such as the delicacy of rotten leaves, raw and unrefined wood, organic shapes of the rocks by the river and reimagines them in a stylish and urban fashion through a manipulation of aluminium casting and a mix of materials.


“Claiming the Reclaimed” by 56thStudio for CAST


Walls, ponds, rocks, trees and flowers constitute essential elements in the carefully composed Chinese gardens. The collection is inspired by such components and how they are orchestrated together poetically like a landscape painting. Through a manipulation of various casting and finishing techniques, the collection explores recycled aluminum and gives the material new perspectives.

Embracing the rustic nature together with adding them a futuristic and sleek twist, “Claiming the Reclaimed” plays with not only the contrast of materials, but also the definitions of raw against refined, crude against cultivated.


While unpolished aluminum leaves a charming patina the impression of aged stones, the polished ones give shiny reflection reminiscent of ponds. Casted in metal, a bark of tree appears even more primitive and rough than usual. Reclaimed wood, on the contrary, reveals delicate thin lines unearthing its refined character.

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