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Bangkok 2017 : 

Storytelling for SACICT;

The Support Arts & Crafts

International Centre of Thailand 

Bangkok 2016 : 

Branding & Visual Merchandising for Siam Discovery in collaboration

with NENDO

BANGKOK 2018 :


Pop up dining Scenography


UNEARTH ASIA Exhibition with Industry+

TOKYO 2015 :

Presenting Wandering Bartender @ 21_21 Design Sight, a foundation founded by Issey Miyake, Naoto Fukusawa, and Taku Satoh

Representing The only Thai Designer at 21_21 Design Sight 


MAD, Museum of Art & Design Orchard Road

Representing Thailand at the opening of the new MAD along with 19 artists from all over the world


BERLIN 2014 :

Illustrative Berlin

We were invited to the coolest fair “Illustrative Berlin 2013″

to showcase our latest graphical furniture pieces.


MILAN 2013 :

Triple Exhibitions

Once again, we join Milan Fair 2013 with our latest creations. Not only one exhibition spot but three!


ITALY 2013 :

Solo Exhibition

Cheap Ass Elites are going solo, very solo.

From 21-12-2012 to 15-01-2013. Thank you Spazio Swing Gallery for the giving us the honor.


MILAN 2012 :

Spazio Rossana Orlandi

If you happen to be in Milan this April, please stop by 

Spazio Rossana Orlandi for a very cool exhibition.


PARIS 2012 :

Selected by Nelly Rodi

Our Paris “Sweat freaks” exhibition is done.

Thank you Nelly Rodi for picking us.



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