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Visual Identity


56thStudio is a multidisciplinary design

studio that works graphically 3 dimensional. We provide services for object design and visual styling that can be applied into various projects, from Visual identity,

Visual merchandising, Branding, Set Design, Animation, Interior Design, or any space-related project. 


In our studio, form follows story. Our aim is to explore objects that are not only functional but also communicative. Trying our best to combine fashion, furniture, graphic and textile altogether, we enjoy rummaging 

through a junkyard or a flea market to find weird and wonderful forms or underrated patterns. 


Stylewise, we are luxe-personified yet kitschy, neo-ethnic, eclectically bold and youthful. 56thStudio proudly embraces pop and mainstream culture and often hijacks existing forms and makes a sarcastic

commentary piece out of it.



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