Lanna Revisited

Shining New Light on the Old Territory



For a lot people, Chiang Mai is a “slow city” enriched with art, craft and local heritage; a place where baristas can actually spend time perfecting their latte art, a place where waiting endlessly for the red bus as the only form of public transportation becomes a charm; a place where a giant log can turn into an elaborately carved wooden boat.


For us, Co-Host, we believe that the slow crafty life is just only one side of the appeal Chiang Mai has to offer. What’s with coming across the tribesmen from the hills wandering about, selling hand-made dolls at the night market and other underappreciated, yet ubiquitous rustic charms. We, therefore, set out to explore the so-called “Happy Crafty City” in its raw entirety through reinterpreting the word that has been used to describe the character of the region forever; Lanna.


Diving into the undiscovered areas of creativity in Chiang Mai, both visually and conceptually, we trust, will not only elevate its art and design scene, but will also challenge the new generation of creators & makers to replace the cliche with newer, fresher and meaningful spins.


Co-Host encourages people to revisit Chiang Mai but by taking a new path. We invite both local Thai designers and international artists with world-class reputation as our guests of honor, each of them a unique storyteller. Some speak in an ironic & perverted manner, some in a cute, yet sharp tone of voice. Some use simple vocabularies while the other communicates in complex equations, dismissing language entirely.


Whichever voice projected, we invite you to join the journey and set free the story of Lanna from being something “very Chiang Mai” (aka a cliché) from this moment on.


Exhibition Curated by 56thStudio & ThinkkStudio




Luciano Foglia, Germany

Groovisions, Japan

Tobias Gutmann, Switzerland

Kyuhyung Cho, Korea

This Means That, Thailand

Teaspoon Studio, Thailand

The Archivist, Thailand

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