Conceptual Gin

Sensory & Stories


Saran’s Conceptual Gin is a mixture of Personal Diary and Cocktail Recipes that allows people to experience, smell and select 7 gins infused and customized by Saran Yen Panya; designer and founder of 56thStudio. People can then blend these gins and endlessly personalize their own drink recipes.


Turning his own experiences as a-heavy-drinker-turn-patient into peculiar blends, Saran treats his gins as perfume liked mediums and rehabilitation. He can’t drink; therefore, he smells. And he tells his stories via scents.


Saran’s Conceptual Gin is not only an open-platform for communicating personal views through scents, but also challenges people to perceive stories using their sensory and imagination.

You can download the booklet with all the recipes here on this following link.

> Download Conceptual Gin Booklet

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