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Inventory of Sexy Yantras.


Horny Haikus is an inventory of Thailand’s pictographic vernacular seen in variations of Yantra Maha Sanae* talismans such as Yantra Jing Jok (a gecko-shaped talisman); Yantra Chang Sape Nang (a talisman with an image of a woman having intercourse with an elephant); Yantra Petch Phaya Thorn (a talisman with an image of an attractive, sexually charged Himavanta god); and many other talismans that are believed to bring the carriers incredible luck and lust. Drawing from these talismans’ illustration of fantastical sexual positions, The Horny Haikus combines the aesthetic of modern day graphic design with the ancient art of Yantra illustration to bring you this adult-only colouring book that is fun and playful with just the right amount of kinkiness.


The illustrations are paired with raunchy sayings and racy poetries, often frowned upon for their impertinence but widely uttered behind closed doors. The Horny Haikus aims to bring into question our perception of sexual expressions and sexual activities. Apart from its function as a cheeky political tool, the book is also a fun adult colouring book and an installation art.

We believe that there is politics in sex and it is such a ridiculous, contradictory thing that sex is a forbidden subject that it is today. Even though there are evidences of the topic being discussed both in ancient pictographs and folklore, as often seen in genres of Thai country music such as Pleng Luk Thung and Pleng Choi music, expressing our sexual desire or making kinky jokes are still seen as tasteless and uneducated . Likewise, the ancient art of talisman making also showed evidences of the influence of sex in our lives and belief system.

Therefore, “The Inventory of Horny Haikus” is much more than just a reflection of social, class, gender and taste issues in Thai culture through art and pictographs, It is a 56thStudio’s manifesto for tasteful expression of all things sexual. Not unlike other topics branded by the Thai society as low class and dirty, sexuality can be presented in a fun, lighthearted way. More importantly we would like to stress that there’s nothing wrong with having sex drives. Thai Adults (and youngsters) should be given gender equality as well as the freedom to access sex education and to positively express their sexual desire in manners fit for their age and circumstances. 

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