Early Morning Life

Paper Cut Animation


"There was a time when I mistakenly believed that my parents were well-off but pretended to be otherwise in hoping that I would grow up modestly."


"How wrong I was. In truth they are quite poor. Plus I turned out to be a snob."


Early morning life, is an animated film told through the eyes of a stuck up middle class son about his parents’ poor childhood, their hidden ambitions, and how they escaped from the harsh reality of life. Emphasizing the fact that “class strata” exist even in a family institution, the film’s visual style is taken from neon-paintings that are commonly seen in souvenir shops and usually considered “low” art.


The film is a critic on modern Thai society where the gap between the rich and the poor is extremely vast. This results in everything from politics, lifestyle, culture, or even in a family institution.


Using cutout animation technique, the making of animation involves extensive paper set designs created from different materials such as paper, fabrics, acrylic etc.

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