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“Groceries” is a parody of bistro dining, Kinfolk culture, Brooklyn-ish cafe, and other forms of the so-called Hip dining that’s taking over Thai culture of Eatery.


Replaced by big supermarket chains, Thai small local grocery stores are now being wiped off from the urban map as well as street food vendors. Blossoming Brooklyn-ish Bistros and their own visual languages such as Reclaimed-wood Counter, Industrial Chairs, exposed light bulb, clipboard menu etc., are now being used everywhere in the dining scene along with the popular Kinfolk Culture.


“Groceries” is an attempt to preserve the unpretentious visual of Thai eatery & cookery through object & installation design. The project mocks popular industrial bistros and tries to put back the authenticity of mundane Thai Cookery in the urban dining scene.


By twisting a commonly seen Thai vintage kitchen cabinet into a dining chair/display box where bottles of fish sauce can sit proudly almost like art pieces as well as vintage cans of pickled cucumber that function as precious collectibles, “Groceries” encourages modern Thai trendsetters, restaurant goers and café lovers, to sit back, look back, and try to find the beauty in their tacky visual roots.

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