Visual Identity

JOINT café and workspace was made to facilitate such workspace needs for the “mobile” generation we have become in this day and age. Freed from the traditional office confines, it does not only provide the fully functioning, optimally modernized workspace but also allows rooms for interactions

Double meanings of the word "Joint" are applied into Visual Identity Design; therefore, by only stamping the logo onto post it note, Joint name card can easily be made to mimic a role of the actual Joint.


Black and white pop art illustrations can be seen here and there in JOINT, rendering the space suitable for both formal and casual gatherings. While business deals can of course be scored here, artists, writers and designers alike will never find themselves at odds utilizing this place as their rendezvous or personal think tanks.


JOINT café & workspace

Location : 12th Floor Asia Hotel Car Park Building, right next to BTS Rajdhevi

Service area : 280 square meters

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