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SINGAPORE, Saran is representing Thai Design

It’s official! Singapore’s one of a kind art space, the award-winning Museum of Art & Design is now big- ger, better and insanely bolder in what it plans to achieve in the coming years. The Museum of Art & Design is celebrating its move to a larger space, which is still in the heart of Orchard at Tanglin Road.

With eighteen artists, 10 countries and 19,000 sq. ft. of art and design space, the Museum is celebrating its new chapter with a big bang. Established as well as emerging artists from all over the world includ- ing Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand and France will be showing their collections in the various spaces within the new two-storey building.

From paintings,sculptures, furniture to graf ti, the genres of art and design presented at this opening promise to be diverse and dazzling. A special trib- ute will be presented to show love to the late Tai- wanese artist Chiu Ya Tsai who passed away in April of 2013. Also expect heavyweights in the industry namely, Song Wei (China), Kim Robinson (Austral- ia/HongKong), Wu Yong Ping (China), Danny Yung (HongKong), Lee Kiyoung (Korea), KONGO Cyril Phan (France) as well as emerging upstarts like Yuji Mizuta (Japan), Wu Tung-Lung (Taiwan), Saran Yen (Thailand), Li Shi Guang (China) and Bruno de Cau- mont (France).

There will also be familiar names like Hans Tan (Singapore), Jeffrey Ho (Singapore), and Ismadi Sallehudin (Malaysia). Also, sculptors to watch out for like Hsu Yung Hsu (Taiwan), Shi Jian Min (China) and Yang Fan (China) will also be present to make the launch a very comprehensive and thought provoking affair.

‘Go MAD!’ will be held on the 13th September 2014 at 10 Tanglin Road. Come celebrate this special day with us at the Museum of Art & Design. 

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