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“Super Siam Exhibition” is a collaborative project that cele- brates Thai visual cultures through means of graphic design, illustra- tion, photography and furniture de- sign in a youthful manner. Curated by 56thStudio,

Super Siam is co-created by many talented Art- ists, Designers and Photographers.


Jackkrit Anantakul

Jackkrit’s works is a cross-bridged between Minimal Graphic and Funky Hand-drawn Illustration style. His narrative visual is highly stylish yet at the same time play- fully grungy. Our favorite piece from Jackkrit would have to be the nostalgic “Giant Ice Cream” that is meticulously composed as a piece of colorful furniture.

Jirayu Koo & Yo Yota

Jirayu Koo-Armornpatana & Yota Sampasneethumrong, or Ji-Yo is a design duo that obsesses about food and cooking. Turning their ob- session into a Memphis-in uenced Illustrations, Ji-Yo turns Thai tra- ditional dessert like Kanom-Chan and Ruam-mitr and typical food like “Krapow Kai-dow” into post- modern pieces of chairs.

Peerawayt Krasaesom

Peerawayt’s style is Dark, Aggressive and yet very Sexy.He usually hi-jacks existing prints or photo materials and slashes them into collage before he paints over them again with solid brush strokes. If the great Alexander Mcqueen were to be reborn as a Thai painter, Peera- wayt might be the perfect medium.

Lee Anantawat

Lee’s visual style is unavoid- ably Thai. Her psychedelic color schemes are both funky and Trip- py. For Super Siam Lee creates a series of animal patterns that remind us of pajamas commonly seen in the suburbs yet somehow Her tacky and quirky prints can easily be paired up with latest col- lection of Kenzo.


Pichan Sujaritsatit

Asking Pichan, a photographer to design the upholstery for a chair is de nitely not an obvious choice. Yet, as he wandered through Bang- kok, the glossy PVC leather seats of Tuk Tuk caught his attention. The result is the highly abstract and tactile visuals of fake Tuk Tuk leather captured through Pichan’s heart-warming and thoughtful len.


Very Kind Invention

Although labeled as Experience Designer, Very Kind Invention has a very unique visual style. Tastefully trashy at times, quirky and playful, their artworks tell a distorted story of tropical fruit in somewhat digital collage style. The result remind us of those outdoor furniture set made out of concrete or Ma-Hin but with a playful (and fruitful) twist. 

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