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What happens in Buddhism stays in



56thStudio for Illustrative BERLIN 2014


Believing as Gambling


Starting out as a scandal in Thai Religion that shattered that whole nation, the aspersion ends up as a commentary through illustration and object design.


Nenkham, a monk and spiritual leader, ripped of nearly 300 million Bath of Donation from poor supporters as well as rich practitioners that had helped him accumulate his total wealth. The fallacious monk owned at least 83 automobiles and a list of properties that include plot of land, houses and condominiums. He also found to have had sex with a minor. This reflects not only religion but also government and monarchy that are still holding the saintlike images in the eyes of most Thais.


As a response, the project “What happens in Buddhism stays in Buddhism,” aims to provoke doubts in putting blind faith in divine institutions via illustrated objects. Using familiar symbol; King of Spade, but replace the existing face with the face of Buddha commonly seen in Buddhist Arts, these screen printed lounge chairs sarcastically portray the business of faith and the marketing of spiritual institution in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.


The Bangkok based, 56thStudio, has always been making commentaries on societal and political issues via graphical objects. Their recent pieces are going to be exhibited atIllustrative Fair 2003 in Berlin, from 31st August – 8th  September at Direktorenhaus Berlin.

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